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Read one piece Chapter 876 Manga English Spoiler and one piece 876 Raw. Then you are at the right place because one piece 876 chapter is now available online. I like what’s going on with Nami and Zeus, and Jinbe attacking Prometheus is pretty cool. Other than that these last chapters have, as said, been painfully paced.

One Piece 876 Chapter

Just hope one piece 876 chapter Nami doesnt cause any serious Damage to Big Mom otherwise i’ll lose a bit of my Hope in Oda really but let’s wait for the Actual Chapter first shall we?

I feel like Oda wants my heart to be racing like a galloping horse by now, but I’m really just sitting here like “eh. so what else happens? Oh, that’s it. Okay, maybe next week.” I honestly couldn’t care less about Pudding now. One of the least interesting characters in years, and no matter how many times Oda tries to trick us into feeling differently for her, she won’t become more intriguing (quite the opposite). He’s wasted his chance there. I don’t hate her character per se, I just kinda wish she had nothing to do with the main story so I could ignore her altogether.

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