Bets and Bravery: Chapter 912 One Piece

Oda isn’t done with Kidd yet, no way. One Piece 912 Spoiler, Plus he already crossed Big Mom before too by robbing one of her ships. I see where this arc is going. And remember the last time Luffy, Law and Kidd fought together.

one piece chapter 912

I think Basil is with Kaidou because the tarot cards told him it was the most beneficial place to be right now. As far as Drake? I think he’s still working for the marines but undercover, sorta like I think Aokiji is secretly undercover with Blackbeard. I’m willing to bed that two things happen. 1. Luffy and co meet up with all of the supernovae throughout his travels in the new world and 2. They all end up being part of the strawhats grand fleet! In charge of a division like Whitebeard has his crew setup. Knowing Luffy it will probably be setup without his consent or concern, but allies none the less, at least allies.


Shokugeki No Soma 272 – Scans

I think Jou has become less competitive and aggressive than he used to be, which is why he lost. Fumio implied that in chapter 41. We will have a satisfactory explanation soon because this is an important turning point; there’s no way the author would just leave it like that.

shokugeki no soma 272 chapter

A possible explanation is that Jou deliberately lost to this new guy so that he will come to Japan and battle Souma, honing Souma’s skills even more. Souma now is like a big fish in a small pond, so he needs to face other big fish from the sea. We need to know what Jou and Saiba waged for their Shokugeki. They f-ed over the E10 and now they are going to f over Joichiro. He beat Joichiro and I’m assuming Souma will avenge him. This manga just lost track of what it was tbh. I have not felt SnS for the past several weeks.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 191

Depends completely on Endeavors reaction, Boku no Hero Academia 191 Manga, if he says surprise Dad its me! I feel as though Endeavor will react in a way that makes it pretty obvious if he is or isn’t telling the truth. After that people will take it seriously. Imagine Dabi saying this is your number one hero, my father and the one who left these scars all over my body. Don’t believe me? I have the same quirk.

boku no hero academia 191 released

I imagine Endeavour wouldn’t want to deny it, if he truly wants to live up his ideals as the new #1 Hero and confirm again to his family that he’s acknowledging his past and blood ties, so he’d probably either stay silent or just look stunned. And indeed; the only character in the series we know so far to possess a fire-based Quirk is Hisashi (Deku’s estranged father), a throwaway character we haven’t even seen yet.